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Article: 10 Landmark Moments in Animation History

The link below is to an article that considers 10 landmark moments in animation history – it features a number of embedded videos.

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Article: US Politicians on Game Shows

The link below is to an article (with photos and videos) that looks at US politicians who have appeared on game shows.

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Video: A History of Viral Video

Today in History: 02 April 1982

Argentina Invades the Falkland Islands

On this day in 1982, the short but bloody war between Argentina and the United Kingdom, over the Falkland Islands, begun with the invasion of the islands by Argentina. Below are a series of videos dealing with the conflict and the third video deals with rising tensions over the islands once again. Argentina also occupied South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

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Video Documentary: 1421 – The Year China Discovered America?

The following two videos show a documentary investigation into claims made by Gavin Menzies in his book, ‘1421 – The Year China Discovered America.’ The book itself is a fascinating read and puts forward an interesting theory which seems to be fairly well contradicted by the evidence brought forth in the documentary. Though the theory cannot be completely rejected based on historical evidence, the evidence that does exist seems to disagree with the theory. Though this is the case there is much historical interest in the documentary, as it presents the story of Admiral Zheng He and the Chinese Treasure Fleet.

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