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Sick Again

Hi all – I have been trying to keep the Blog going in recent days despite being ill again – however, as I continue to get worse it is probably wise to have a complete break for the rest of the week and get as much sleep as I can.

I have had pneumonia 3 times since November last year (twice in November and once last month) and have come down sick again. Thought I was improving over the last couple of days but have once again developed the ‘shiver me timbers (chills and fever)’ tonight. So I plan to be away from the keyboard for the rest of the week in a bid to finally get over all of this illness. I apologise for the interruption to Blog posts in the mean time.

A Few Days Break

I’ll be taking the next few days off – recovering from yet another bout of pneumonia. Just keep on getting it. Sad 😦 The next post will probably be Tuesday.

Thanks for liking, reading and visiting the Blog from time to time – appreciate it.

Time Off

I’ll be taking a few days off – I’m unwell 😦

Back in a few days.

Back Very Soon

Hi all – my previous post suggested I would be away for about a week or so because of pneumonia. It turns out my absence was for a whole lot longer than that. I ended up with Double Pneumonia twice in 6 weeks and it has been a struggle to recover. I am feeling much better now and hope to return to Blogging over the next week, posting to each again over that time. Thanks for your patience.

Off on Sick Leave

Hi all – just a quick note to let readers know that I’m taking at least a week off from posting. Call it sick leave – struggling to get over pneumonia. Thanks

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