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Article: Turkey – Shipwrecks

The link below is to an article reporting on progress to unearth and exhibit the remains of shipwrecks found off the Turkish coast.

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Article: Archaeology – Herefordshire Ancient Building Remains Discovered

The link below is to an article reporting on the discovery of two large ancient halls in Herefordshire, England.

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Article: Australia – Ned Kelly Remains Returned to Family

The link below is to an article on Australian bushranger Ned Kelly. The remains of Ned Kelly have been returned to his family for burial, 132 years after his death.

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Article: Serbia – Archaeologists Discover Mammoth Remains

Not far from the Serbian capital of Belgrade, archaeologists have discovered a treasure trove of mammoth remains. At least five mammoths have been discovered at the Kostolac Coal Mine.

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Article: Discovered – La Ciudad Blanca in Honduras?

The legendary ‘City of Gold’ may have been found by archaeologists in Honduras. Deep in the rainforest, archaeologists believe they have may have discovered the remains of La Ciudad Blanca.

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Unearthed Behind a Pub: One of Shakespeare’s First Playhouses

The link below is to an article concerning the work of archaeologists in discovering the remains of one of William Shakespeare’s first theatres, the Curtain Theatre.

Unearthed behind a pub: One of Shakespeare’s first playhouses – The Week.

Jamaica, archaeologists seek world heritage status for remains of submerged port city – The Washington Post

Jamaica, archaeologists seek world heritage status for remains of submerged port city – The Washington Post.

Today in History – 1 May 1328 and 1707

Scotland: Independence Gained and Lost

Scotland became a unified kingdom in 843 under King Cináed I, who united the Scots and the Picts. It would grow in size over time, but the Kingdom of Scotland began in 843.

Edward 1 (England) brought the majority of Scotland under his control in 1296, though Scotland regained its independence via the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The wars for regaining Scottish independence was begun by William Wallace and Robert the Bruce (King Robert I). The independence of Scotland was recognized by England with the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton, signed on this day in 1328.

In 1603 the realms of England and Scotland were united by the accession of James VI to the throne of England. However, it wasn’t until this day in 1707, when the Treaty of Union was passed by the Parliament of Scotland which brought into being the United Kingdom. With this act Scotland lost its independence and there remains a movement to regain it.


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