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The link below is to an article that takes a look at nature reclaiming building and structures. There are some impressive images here.

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United Kingdom: Historic Images Released Online

Pacific Ocean WWII Underwater Plane Graveyard

The link below is to an article (with photos) of an underwater WWII aircraft graveyard in the Pacific Ocean.

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See Yemen’s Tumultuous History in Pictures


Yemen’s embattled President Abdel-Rabbo Mansour Hadi resigned Thursday after failing to reach a power-sharing agreement with Shi’ite rebels who have held Sana’a, the capital, since September.

Hadi’s departure leaves Yemen’s fate in the balance. The poorest nation in the Arab world is fractured by tribal fighting, a separatist movement in the south, a robust Al-Qaeda presence, and the rising influence of the Shi’ite rebel group known as the Houthis.

But Yemen is no stranger to turmoil. In the images above, TIME looks at key moments in the country’s past that provide a historical context for the unfolding unrest.

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The First Photographs of Jerusalem

The link below is to an article featuring the first known photographs of Jerusalem.

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Welcome the Royal Australian Historical Society to The Commons!

Article: France – Pont Valentre

The link below is to an article (with photos) that takes a look at the Pont Valentre in France.

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Fabulous fortresses

Article: The USA & Prohibition

The link below is to an article (with photos) concerning the USA and prohibition.

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Article: Abandoned military Installations Around the World

The link below is to a very interesting article that takes a look at a number of abandoned military installations from around the world and includes a number of photos.

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