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History of the Internet

The link below is to an article that looks at the history of the Internet by using maps.

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Maps Showing the Origin of Words

The link below is to an article that includes a number of maps that trace the origin of certain words, including tea and beer among others.

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Infographic: US Civil War

The link below is to an article containing an infographic that maps the US Civil War.

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2000 historical maps you can find online

History Tech

Okay. It’s more than 2000. It’s way more than 2000. I’m just not sure how many it is and 2000 seemed like a safe, round number. You can find the more than 2000 historical maps using two very cool map finding tools.

Over the last couple of years the British Library has been busy geo-referencing its collection of historical maps. So far 2,236 historical maps around the world have been added to the British Library Map Finder. Need a map of the German defenses faced by Allied troops on D-day? How about a map used by British General Burgoyne at the 1777 siege at Saratoga, New York?

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Article: Maps of Africa in 1870 and 1910

The link below is to an article containing maps of Africa from both 1870 and 1910 – quite interesting to students of world affairs, maps, etc.

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Article: Pacific – The Non-Existent Sandy Island

The link below is to a fascinating article on an island marked on maps of the Pacific Ocean called Sandy island, which in fact does not exist.

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Post War – A History of Europe Since 1945, by Tony Judt

Post War – A History of Europe Since 1945, by Tony Judt

I have now started to read ‘Post War,’ by Tony Judt. The edition I have was published in 2005 by The Penguin Press. It is a massive work of over 900 pages, that includes both photographs and maps.

The period of history being dealt with is post war Europe from the end of World War II to 2005. It includes the immediate aftermath of World War II, right through the Cold War period and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Though I have only just started (yesterday) I have completed about 100 pages thus far, which has taken me through the preface, introduction and the first chapter, ‘The Legacy of War.’ The first chapter deals with the immediate aftermath of the war and its consequences for the people of Europe. It is an horrific picture of post war Europe and the devastation it had on the entirety of Europe – nations, cities and towns, peoples and families. It is the legacy of total war.


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