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History of the Internet: Part 3

History of the Internet: Part 2

History of the Internet: Part 1

A History of Search

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the history of search on the Internet.

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History of the Internet

The link below is to an article that looks at the history of the Internet by using maps.

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Posts for the Time Being

I thought I’d post a quick update on what is currently happening with me and posts to my Blog. It is a short story really. I live in a town which is a massive tourist destination during the holiday season – especially at this time of year. What this means for me – being reliant on wireless access to the Internet – is real difficulty gaining Internet access. There are so many people in the area, using so many gadgets and the like, that the Internet is locked into a constant traffic jam. It is practically impossible to get Internet access most of the time. You do get the odd time where you can get access, but it is so slow that it is pointless to try and use it. For example – it takes minutes and minutes just for one page of the Blog to load.

I’ll keep trying to access the Net every so often, but it is likely I’ll be unable to post much for the next couple of weeks. There is good news – the number of tourists in the shopping centre here have diminished, which probably means we are heading back to some form of normality.

Today in History: The First Registered Domain Name

The first official domain name for the Internet was registered on this day 28 years ago, in 1985. The link below is to an article that reports on the first domain name.

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Website: Facebook Timeline Featuring History of the Internet

The link below is to a Facebook Page featuring a history of the Internet in its Timeline.

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Offline for a Week: Back on February 8

Sorry readers and visitors, I’ll be away from History for Today until the 8th February 2012. I have some Internet connectivity issues which should be resolved by then.

Today in History – Posts to Return this Weekend

Just a quick note to explain the absence of posts of late. I have been having some Internet issues. I am pleased to be able to report that normal service will resume on Saturday (Australian time) – for daily posts on history I mean. Looking forward to the return.


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