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Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire


5 Myths About Genghis Khan


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1. He was a one-dimensional tyrant of a ‘right wing’ kind

A close study of the principal sources (in Mongolian, Arabic and Persian) reveals a personality of the utmost complexity. Depending on mood or context he could be all of the following: shrewd, far-sighted, just, generous, stoical, restrained, iron-willed, multitalented, a man with all the gifts of a great ruler and cowardly, treacherous, devious, ruthless, ungrateful, vengeful and even stupid.

Usually an uncannily sharp reader of men, he could be naïve, as when he was taken in by a Chinese charlatan called Chung Chan, who became his guru and spiritual adviser. But in this respect he was not so very different from those eminent personalities in modern times who…

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Today in History: 05 May 1260

Kublai Khan Becomes Ruler of the Mongol Empire

On this day in 1260, Kublai Khan, grandson to Genghis Khan, becomes the ruler of the Mongol Empire. The Mongol Empire stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Urals, and from Siberia to Afghanistan (1/5 of the world). He became the founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China, which included modern day Mongolia and China. By doing so he became the Emperor of China. He would rule until 1294.

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