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Roman Emperor Claudius in Historiography

The Last Emperor of China

Byzantine Empire: Justinian’s Wars of Reconquest

Italy (Roman Empire): 2000 Years Since Augustus

Article: Rome – Caligula

The link below is to an article that takes a look at the Roman Emperor Caligula.

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Article: WWI – An Emperor Pleads for Peace

The link below is to an article that looks at the lead-up to World War I and in this article the plea for peace from an emperor.

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Today in History: 17 March 180

Rome – Marcus Aurelius Died

On this day in 180 AD, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius died, having ruled from 161 to 180 AD.

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Also the Books:
Marcus Aurelius, by Ernest Renan
Marcus Aurelius and the Later Stoics, by Frederick William Bussell
The Thoughts of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, by Marcus Aurelius

Today in History: 03 March 1924

Italy: The Free State of Fiume Annexed by Italy

On this day in 1924, the small Free State of Fiume was annexed by the Kingdom of Italy. This small free state was independent between 1920 and 1924. The city of Fiume is now known as Rijeka and belongs to Croatia.

From 1719 it gained autonomy from the emperor Charles VI, having been part of the Holy Roman Empire. It became part of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1776, though it remained largely autonomous until its independence in 1920. There was a period between 1848 and 1868 when its autonomy was lost to Croatian rule.

With the end of World War II, Fiume became part of Yugoslavia and then with the break up of Yugoslavia, Croatia.

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The Question of the Adriatic – Fiume (booklet)

Today in History: 26 February 1815

France: Napoleon Escapes from Elba

On this day in 1815, Napoleon escaped from his exile on the island of Elba and began his return to France. His return to France and his time as the renewed Emperor of France ended with the Battle of Waterloo on the 18th June 1815. Napoleon was eventually exiled to the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, where he died in February 1821.

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Today in History: 28 January 1521

Martin Luther: Diet of Worms Begins

On this day in 1521, the Diet of Worms began in Worms, Germany. This assembly was held from the 28th January until the 25th May 1521, with the Emperor (Charles V) presiding.

The Diet of Worms held in 1521 was memorable because it was the assembly which investigated Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. It was at this assembly that Luther was condemned as a heretic.

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