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Italy’s Melting Glaciers Contain the Preserved Bodies of WWI Soldiers


In one of the strangest consequences of global warming yet, glaciers far north in the Italian Alps are slowly melting to reveal the frozen corpses of soldiers killed during World War I.

How did the ice-preserved bodies get to the small Alpine village of Peio? They were casualties of the White War, an obscure part of WWI. In May 1915, a newly united Italy decided to join the war on the side of the Allies, opening up a front on the northern border of the country which abutted the enemy Hapsburgs, part of the Central Powers. Far up in the mountains at elevations of over 6,500 feet, Italian troops called the Alpini fought their Austrian equivalent, the Kaiserschützen, with specialized weapons and infrastructure like ice trenches and cable transport systems.

As global warming has intensified over the past few decades, first soldiers’ personal affects like diaries and letters melted out of…

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Article: English Grave Robbers

Stealing Bodies for Science

The article linked to below is an interesting one on grave robbing in England during the 18th century. What the grave robbers were after were bodies, so that medical students had something to dissect.

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