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Site Update: New Look and New Home

Welcome to the new look ‘History for Today’ Blog. Sure, it hasn’t changed a huge amount at this stage, but it does have a new appearance with a better header image, along with a few smaller subtle changes you may be able to pick. The ‘About’ page has also been updated, providing some context to the changes.

If you had previously visited the website associated with this Blog in the past, you will also see that that has also now changed. I have moved from my previous location to a dedicated Facebook Page – the site no longer being a lesser page of my Tracing Our History website (which has also moved to a Facebook Page). I am hoping this will be a much better fit for all of my history interests over time.

In short, the movement across to Facebook is all about finances – my inability to meet the massive increases in web hosting costs. It was just too expensive to continue and I thought I would have to just simply quit everything. Then I thought I would move to Facebook and have a fresh start, as well as giving ‘History – A Study of the Past,’ its very own dedicated Page there. It will of course take time to get the Page as I want it to be, as the move became necessary in a very short time frame (when I got the bill for the upcoming year of web hosting – it had more than doubled).

So please pop over to the Facebook Page and ‘like it’ and visit regularly to experience the growth of the Page. Thanks for visiting.

P.S. – There is also plenty of opportunity for enhanced interaction on the Facebook Page – commenting, etc.

Website News: History

All the News from Our Website on ‘Tracing our History’

This Blog belongs to a family of websites centered on the ‘Tracing our History’ website. Tracing our History is my geneaology website, where the fruit of my family history research is shared with family, friends and other interested visitors. Because I enjoy the study of history (as can probably be seen by the existence of this Blog) I decided to also have a ‘History’ site, which is really just another part of the Tracing our History website as it is joined to the same domain

Over the last 12 months I have concentrated on establishing the Blog, which to be honest does take up a fair amount of my time with research, writing, etc, Now it is time to try and tie the Blog more closely with the actual website. I also wish to continue building the website, with news of site progress being posted to this Blog also. There is plenty to do and I would like the site to prove useful for those interested in the further study of history, be it a general interest or for school study. If it becomes a conduit to resources available on the wider web, that will be a very useful thing as well.

I have begun my work on the site with some minor updates today – more significant improvements are to follow.

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