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Health Break Time Out

Hi all. Once again I have been encountering a noticeable decline in my health, so will be taking a ‘preventative break’ over the next week or so. There will be no posts until Saturday the 25th of September 2021 or thereabouts.

How the Continents Got Their Names

5 Forgotten Civilizations

Two Week Break

It is once again time to have a bit of a break and this time I am aiming for a two-week break. I find it much better to be proactive when certain little signs begin to appear in my health than to wait for something more major to occur. So a little downtime and a little more sleep are what I require at the moment. So, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

The First Civilizations Part 2

The First Civilizations

Longest Reigning Monarchs in World History

Piracy and the Bronze Age Collapse

The Dark Ages?

History of Timekeeping

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