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Article: John Billington – The Life and Times of America’s First Murderer

The link below is to an article on the first recorded murderer in the history of America – John Billington.

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Article: Assassinations Throughout History

The link below is to an article that briefly looks at 15 assassinations throughout history.

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Today in History: 22 May 1840

Australia: New South Wales – Transportation of Convicts is Abolished

On this day in 1840, the transportation of criminals (convicts) from Britain to New South Wales is abolished. It continues in other colonies of Australia however.

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Article: Vintage Police Photos

The following link is to an article with a number of vintage police photos from around the world – very interesting.

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Article: Plan to Kill JFK

The link below is to an article concerning a plan to kill US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1960. Richard Paul Pavlick planned a suicide bombing of the then President-Elect, however he was arrested before being able to carry out his plan.

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Article: English Grave Robbers

Stealing Bodies for Science

The article linked to below is an interesting one on grave robbing in England during the 18th century. What the grave robbers were after were bodies, so that medical students had something to dissect.

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Article: Vagabonds of 1566

The following link is to an article about the many types of vagabonds from a publication in 1566 – worth a read.

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