‘History for Today’ is the Blog for my website ‘History.’ ‘History’ is actually a section of my larger website called ‘Tracing our History.’ Tracing our History is my family history site, while History is concerned with my interests in history, including such areas as Australian history, US history, ancient history and so on. This Blog will be about news from the History section of Tracing our History, as well as books on history that I post to that site and my Scribd account, and regular ‘Today in History’ articles.

History for Today is a further evolution of my web presence in the area of History. I expect to see further developments in my history interests in social networking, forums and other social type media in the days, weeks, months and years ahead as I bring these various platforms together, providing a place for collaboration and interaction via both the website and this Blog. Stick around and get involved – I look forward to sharing my experience of the past with each of you today.

Visit History at:


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