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Australia: Bennelong

The link below is to a short article on Bennelong, an Aborigine who features in Australia’s early European history.

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The Complete History of How Bacon Took Over the World


The recent introduction of bacon sriracha lollipops into the marketplace — brought to you by the company behind vegan breast milk suckers — hardly made modern consumers bat an eye.

And that’s because the centuries old breakfast meat has infiltrated every aspect of foodie and consumer culture. Once surprising flavor combinations like bacon infused cupcakes, chocolates, and fast food milkshakes are now commonplace. There are bacon summer camps, bacon film festivals, bacon bars, baconnaise, bacon lip balm, soda, bandaids, air fresheners, lube (hey, Miley Cyrus is into it), and even bacon deodorant.

“When I saw a bacon shaving cream press release I thought that’s it, not only are [bacon and I] living apart, but we’re broken up,” Food & Wine editor Dana Cowin told TIME. “There’s nothing about bacon itself, it’s what people are doing to bacon.”

The food world regularly speculates that…

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World War II: The Fall of Singapore

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