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Video: WWII – German Sniper and the Trumpet Player

Article: Lead Up to WWI

The Balkans Tinderbox

The link below is to an article on the lead up to World War I. This article is on the Balkans region.

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Article: Mother’s Day History

The link below is to an article on the history of Mother’s Day.

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Today in History: 15 May 1928

Mickey Mouse: Premiers in His First Cartoon – Plane Crazy

On this day in 1928, Mickey Mouse premiered in his first cartoon – Plane Crazy. The cartoon was produced by The Walt Disney Studio. The cartoon was a silent movie that was not officially picked up by a distributer. The first sound Mickey Mouse cartoon, ‘Steamboat Willie,’ was released later in the year. Plane Crazy was released the following year as a sound cartoon on the 17th March 1929.

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