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Today in History: 29 February

Leap Year: Extra Day in The Year

Today is February 29, which occurs only once every four years. It can be difficult for people born on this day for birthdays, for people that are paid annual salaries (work an extra day without extra pay) and so on. So what is it about leap years and how did they come about?

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Today in History: 28 February 1525

Mexico: Aztec Ruler Cuauhtémoc Executed

On this day in 1525, Aztec Ruler Cuauhtémoc was executed by the Spanish invaders of his homeland.

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Article: Thomas Hobbes and the English Civil War

The following link is to an interesting article on Thomas Hobbes and the English Civil War – worth a read.

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Today in History: 27 February 1700

Papua New Guinea: New Britain – Discovered by William Dampier

On this day in 1700, William Dampier became the first known European to discover New Britain. He named the island Nova Britannia

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Article: Entertainment Before Television

The following link is to an article on how people entertained themselves prior to television.

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Article: The Hindenburg Disaster

The following link is to an article (with footage) on the Hindenburg disaster that occurred on the 6th May 1937. The Hindenburg was a German passenger airship that was destroyed in New Jersey, USA.

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Today in History: 26 February 1815

France: Napoleon Escapes from Elba

On this day in 1815, Napoleon escaped from his exile on the island of Elba and began his return to France. His return to France and his time as the renewed Emperor of France ended with the Battle of Waterloo on the 18th June 1815. Napoleon was eventually exiled to the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, where he died in February 1821.

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Today in History: 25 February 1947

Germany: Prussia is No More

On this day in 1947, the German state of Prussia was removed from the map. The complex story of Prussia and Germany came to an official end with Law #46 of the Allied Control Council following the German defeat in World War II. Prussia was divided up and formed parts of other states including both East and West Germany, as well as Poland and the Soviet Union.

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Today in History: 24 February 1525

Italy: The Battle of Pavia – The Italian War

On this day in 1525, the Battle of Pavia between Spanish and French forces was fought outside the walls of Pavia during what is known as the Italian War of 1521-26. The French suffered a massive defeat and Francis I was captured and forced to sign a treaty that ceded much ground to Charles V.

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Article: Vagabonds of 1566

The following link is to an article about the many types of vagabonds from a publication in 1566 – worth a read.

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